Friday, December 2, 2011

Welcome December!

Either I've decided the days between Thanksgiving and Christmas are not hectic enough, or I'm trying desperately to enjoy the chaos more. In any case, I'm trying once again to commit to recording our life - one story each day - in a December Daily album. My goal is to keep up EVERY day, and I hope to make it easy on myself. We'll see what happens, but so far I have a front cover & December 1st to share!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Trigger Treat!

The third Myre Family halloween is on the books! B's hectic day - punkin pancakes, party at daycare, "trigger" treating at "mommy's work," pictures at O&J, visits at both sets of grands, and an after party at Bogden's - brought out a little bipolarness, but mostly elated highs and only a crash or two. Loving our family tradition of a family costume despite a few jeers from those who clearly don't know how to have any fun - totally worth spending days sewing!

What I want to remember~
~ B liked handing out candy to the other kids at Mormor & Bumpas even more than collecting her own!
~ There have been punkins carved on the Swansons bar for as long as I can remember, happy to share that with my hubby and now B. This year Barrett drew on her pumpkin, we tried our best to carve what she drew, two eyes and a mouth!
~ This year was B's first "girl" costume. She twirled and twirled!
~ Candy from the same bowl that has sat on the step for years, walking the same candy trail as I did, Mormor in her Queen of the Purple Knights costume, so many memories!
~ Erik is a pretty good sport, he rocks a mean sheep costume. His buds gave him a hard time for a minute, but he quickly made it "cool" by driving the scooter up and down the road!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Bring on the Candy!

At the beginning of summer I made a list of things to do to make this a fun family summer for us. We checked a few items off, but I told Erik we'd have to kick it up a little (my exact words were "go balls out") to make sure we made the most of our short season.

The Velva parade was a highlight for B. After scoring a bag of mini donuts,we sat down to enjoy the festivities with the Anhorns.

Barrett totally "got it" this year. She skittered out into the street to get candy and dutifully put it in her little bag. Of course a piece or two popped in her mouth! I loved watching her jump up and down with a huge grin on her face "clap for this one!" she'd demand! The governor was there, (we even clapped for him,) and old men in tractors, and little girls on horses. They went around twice just to make sure you got a good look, it was everything a small town parade should be!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Wasting Time

Some days I LOVE spending time on these sites, some days I want to crunch everything with a plug in.

Pinterest - never ending inspiration
Facebook - do I really need to keep up with all of these people?
Ali Edwards - projects I look at but will never do
Cathy Zielske - Hill.a.ri.ous
Pioneer Woman - my first stop of the day

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I Can

~ run like the wind
~ swing for hours
~ take my clothes off
~ climb the horsie gate
~ say a LOT of words
~ make mommy & daddy laugh
~ sing along to "Home on the Range"
~ give good hugs
~ jump on the bed and crash down
~ get in and out of my carseat
~ turn the compost bin
~ swing from the changing table
~ help plant the garden
~ play "numbers" on mommy's phone
~ do so many new things every day!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Nobody Told Me There Would Be This Many Boogers

Today I picked a booger off my shirt. I hate boogers. At least when they are in the nose of their creator I expect them. Other people expect them too. Nobody expects a booger on my shoulder. I found it at 9:54 am. I wonder if anybody noticed the booger before then and was afraid to tell me?

Monday, May 16, 2011

Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!

To heck with sitting on the edge of our seats, the only seats we used yesterday were on a picnic blanket & bike seat!

All around super day with my fam. And that's all I have to say about that.